Looks So New Auto Detailing of Chandler Customer Testimonials

New Vehicle Prep 2016 Stingray


After calling  almost every auto detailing company within 50 miles to detail my new  2016 corvette, I found Paul Girolamo of Looks-So-New-Autodetailing. It  was clear after meeting with him and his lovely wife, Brenda that there  would be no one else that I would trust with my new car. Their attention  to detail was amazing. Paul’s prepping techniques alone were so  meticulous that I knew the final product would be amazing. I was right.  The before and after appearance of my brand new vehicle was  transforming. I can’t say enough about his product knowledge,  application method and follow-up after the job was complete. I have  already contracted with him to service my wife’s vehicle. If you have a car that you want to turn into a show piece, look no further than Looks-So-New-Autodetailing. You’re at the right place. Thank you, Paul and Brenda. You have a client for life
~ Tony S. 

New Vehicle Prep 2016 Mercedes CLS550


Thanks go to you for delivering us the car we wanted and expected when we bought it. We could not be happier with the results. ~Mark S

2008 Mercedes E350 Superior Package


 I can’t express how amazing Sally’s car looks. Now I’m not sure which vehicles results  are more impressive. The truck was great but Sally’s car has 137,000  miles and it looks better than the day I picked it up in 2010 with 20,000 on it. You did a remarkable job with the paint chips. The before pictures blew me away. Can’t even imagine how much better it looks. Every single aspect of it, from the interior to the paint and glass, even the headlights and wheels. Superb. Our special thanks to you and Brenda. The experience has been wonderful. Thank you.
~ Mark and Sally S.  

New Vehicle Prep Lincoln Navigator - Super Package


I can’t tell you how happy I am with the work and effort you put  into my
Navigator. The effort you put into this vehicle clearly shows in the finished product. Thank you very, very much.

Sincerely, Mike R.

2012 Mustang GT Superior Package


I met Paul as the result of our mutual interest with all things Mustang. Paul mentioned to me that he was going to start a Detailing business and suggested that my 'Stang was a good candidate for a bit of tender loving care. I, of course, took him up on his offer. The results were nothing less than spectacular. Paul is a true Detailer. He cares deeply about  the quality of work he provides. He uses only the best products. I am very particular about who touch’s my 'Stang. Paul has my complete trust  when expert Detailing is needed.
~ Brian D.

2003 VW Passat - Super Package


Thank You. Now I  see why it is called Looks-so-New Auto Detailing. My 2003 Passat looks  brand new.  The paint is shiny, clear and very smooth.  Scratches and  swirl marks have disappeared. The chrome glistens.  What stands out the  most is my headlights are no longer yellow and cloudy but bright and  clear.  I can see better at night and it makes the car look much better.  The interior looks just as great as the exterior. All the dust and dirt  are gone.  It looks factory new.  The windows are sparkling clear. The name matches the service because it does look just like new.Thanks again for the great job and I look forward to
bringing in my classic muscle  car.
~ Sandro G. 

More Testimonials

I decided to have my Jeep detailed this year....it was a big mess and I didn't have the time or the tools to do it. So I decided to hire Paul from  Look-So-New-Autodetailing and I am so HAPPY....I have a brand new Jeep. Its so nice, I keep touching it...Its shiny, its clean, it’s  beautiful...it feels new. So if you're a busy person, and just don't have the time or the proper tools, do yourself a favor and call Paul.  You will be thrilled. ~ Dr. Holly 

Always wanted to have my car detailed but never did until Paul approached me one day and told me about his business. Wow what a shine! Swirls were gone. I was  very impressed. Gunk was taken from places that probably never saw the  light of day since the car was new. Interior was shiny and smelled  great. The windows so clean and smooth. Makes me never want to take my  car through another car wash. Paul takes detailing to the max. Thank you  Paul and Brenda.
~ Joanne & Paul M.

My car hadn't looked that good since it rolled off the showroom floor. As a visiting nurse for 12 years I practically lived in my car and treated it like a  junk room and rarely got it washed. After Looks So New I was astonished  at how good my car looked. Paul tended to every detail and the interior  was amazing!
~ Mary M. 


I had my car detailed (first time ever for me) and it looks SOOOOOOO AWESOME. It looks & smells better than the day I bought it! Then today at church a friend stopped walking, dropped his jaw and said "Wow….shiny….no car  wash can do that." Thank you Paul at Looks So New Auto Detailing!! ~ Cheryl B. 


All our thanks to you and Brenda. We could not be happier with the results of both vehicles but the truck was spectacular. I watched one guy as I drove home couldn’t take his eyes off the truck as it passed. Brenda did  a fabulous job on the interior.~Mark S. 


Our dying cat peed in our car on the way to the vet. I was desperate to get the smell out.
I contacted Paul and he was quick to invite me to bring the car right over. He and Brenda worked on the interior of my car for 2 hours and it  was amazing. It looked--and smelled--like new. It was an amazing demonstration of compassion as well as proof of their commitment to doing the absolute best job possible. There are no words to convey my  thanks and my awe at the amazing job. It truly does "Look So New." ~ Johanna H