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Paint Correction


What is paint correction

Paint correction is the process of meticulous and methodical removal of paint defects such as swirls, scratches, water spots, and random isolated scratches by the use of compounds, polishes, dual action polishers and various buffing pads. The purpose is to reduce or eliminate defects in the clear coat to present brilliant smoothness and glossy appearance. 


What is a Nano-Glass Ceramic Coating

A coating is a semi-permanent synthetic product that bonds to your paint, adding a barrier of protection and creates a long-lasting high-gloss candied finish. It is derived from Silicon Dioxide (SiO2 - Silica) found in quartz. Coatings generally last between 2 and 7 years and act as the sacrificial barrier between the elements and your paint.  


Let us help you renew your love for your vehicle

At Looks So New Auto Detailing, we specialize in paint correction and the installation of nano-glass coatings. Reverse the aging process on your vehicle and protect it from the harsh elements of the desert. Call us for a quote today and let us help you renew your love for your vehicle.

New Vehicle Prep


What is New Vehicle Prep

Our New Vehicle Prep package offers the same meticulous level of detailing as our Superior Package. We fully decontaminate the vehicle to remove Iron and fallout deposits, along with above bonded contaminants. From there we give it a polish to level set the paint, eliminate any defects while in transit, and lock it in with a nano glass ceramic coating.


New Vehicle Prep is the benchmark

We spend 12 to 16 hours ensuring you get delivered the vehicle you expected. We tailor the package to your needs, including fabric and leather nano-ceramic coatings for the interior.  "Thanks go to you for delivering us the car we wanted and expected when we bought it. We could not be happier with the results."~ Mark S. 


New Vehicle Prep is essential

Looks So New Auto Detailing's New Vehicle Prep package is the essential first step for your new vehicle. It's the benchmark to maintaining the appearance for a long time to come, regardless if it's a daily driver or the garage queen you always wanted. Tell the dealer to forgo any new vehicle prep and bring the vehicle directly to us.